“I don’t believe in love at first sight because it means you’re falling in love with someone’s looks, not personality.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2014 - BBC TV Spot
Does caroline really talk to you? I am just wondering why she would talk to someone who posts their opinion of her personal life over the internet? I am just curious. Or does she boy know about your blog?


I’m about to go on a really long rant because this has actually annoyed me ALOT.

Yes, she does speak to me over dm and when I see her in person and she has done for 3 years. The only reason I actually met her in the first place is because in 2011 after my brother died Xtra Factor was the only thing that put a smile on my face and I completely adored Caroline on the show. I carried on watching and made a twitter account and I made so many friends who I then arranged to go to X Factor live shows with! (Sarah, you may know her). Anyway, back then there were like 10 of us who were like proper fans of Caroline and she would reply to us but she didn’t follow me straight away in October, she followed me Christmas day (She did follow a group account I was in before then though). So I met her loads each week at lives like I was only 14 years old so it was a big deal for me as I looked up to her so much. Then the Harry thing happened and so much changed. Her followers wen’t up and her mentions were crazy with hate and tbh me and the others were sticking up for her and dming her through this horrible time which was so hard for her. We supported her when fans left because we knew she would come out stronger. (This sounds SO cringe but let me explain)… Ok so then throughout the years loads happened and I met her at events etc and she got to know me and Sarah really well and started calling us her girls like it’s become a thing and it’s really sweet, it’s how she greets us when were together and how she dms us and stuff saying how she loves us girls so much. She always makes time for us to meet us after shows and we always catch up and have a goss about everything and she shows her appreciation with us always even if she’s having a bad day. So we just kept supporting for years like for all the shows, events and her career as she’s a great person to admire and we know we can always go to her for advice idk. So we’ve all became close throughout the years like I don’t like when people say were all mates because we are fans and we do have 100s of dms but that doesn’t matter because were all equal! Were only so close because we have all knows eachother for sooo long and we talk weekly and we do all care about what’s going on. Paige is also one of our fav girls and Caroline has gotten to know her too, so it’s lovely when we are all together! Like after meeting me 30 odd times she trusts us and if she’s upset we are there for her. I wouldn’t say anything without her permission I always tell her if I’m going to tweet something or she will say that I am free too and I will. If you look at my tumblr I havent said anything most people don’t already know and I haven’t gone into ANY detail whatsoever even if I do know because I wouldn’t do that. I honestly never post anything that she would find offensive. (And as for my opinion, she already knows I think Jack is a prick she even favorited my tweet saying so and she doesn’t mind me saying it either)

I could go into more of this but this post is already too long and idk what I’m trying to prove, I just needed to write this.